Dead Zones

Dead Zones are lame. You know – those long stretches of road with few visible spectators. No signs, no music, no cowbells. Let’s work together to eliminate them!

I’ve started a list of races I’ve cheered and the spots that could have used more people. For some races, I’ll include a link to an extended description of the dead zones with some photos. The focus of this list is on big running events with thousands of people, typically destination races for many participants. Check to see if the race organizer has released any materials with recommended spectator zones (we will not go to these spots, but we’ll at least know that crowd support is a major feature of the race!).

If you’d like to add to this list, or if you believe that any information included here is no longer accurate, then get in touch!

Race Location(s)
Cherry Blossom 10 Mile RunOhio Drive SW, south of the 14th St. Bridge (Mile 6'ish)
New York City MarathonSouth Williamsburg (Mile 10)
Philadelphia MarathonMLK Jr. Drive and Kelly Drive, especially the stretches far from Center City (i.e. closer to Fairmount Park)