Hey everyone!

My name’s Ben, and I’m a running, general fitness, and life enthusiast. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my girlfriend, two dogs and a cat. I like to run in Prospect Park most days of the week. When I’m marathon training, I’ll venture into Manhattan, Queens, and beyond on my weekend long runs.

I also work out with a free early morning fitness group called The Rise NYC. We like to run, do Burpees, and give a ton of high fives. It’s always a good time.

When I’m not running, cheering, or doing Burpees, I’m busy being a grad student and working on a Ph.D. Generally speaking, it’s a blend of ocean science and mathematics. More specifically, I am attempting to understand how competition among phytoplankton species leads to variability in chlorophyll production.

If you’d like to learn more about what I do outside of running, check out my website.

Having a great time doing a really bad pushup.