I Love Those Shades

This is a short blog post without much of a purpose (promising intro right??). I just wanted to say that Sunday’s Washington Heights 5K reminded me how much I love taking photos of runners wearing sunglasses. They just look so…cool. Especially the reflective ones. It creates a vibe that says “I’ve got a photoshoot at 11 and figured I’d might as well get a run in with y’all.”

“I’m only smiling because I’m having the best time.”

“My shades use hand-seeking technology to identify the best angle of high-five attack.”

“Here are two mirrors in case you forgot what you look like.”

My captions are goofy, but trust me – your sunglasses look awesome!

This also reminds me of another race I cheered at last March – the NYCRUNS Ladies First Half. I posted a picture on my Instagram of a runner wearing shades. I kept the shades in color and made pretty much everything else black and white.

See what I mean? It has a certain je ne sais quoi. But one thing I do know – the Washington Heights 5K photos are up and on my website!

Thanks for reading!

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