The Thrill of The Hill

If you follow the Cheer Everywhere blog, then you know we usually cheer on hills! Whether it be the rolling West Side Hills, Cat Hill, or Harlem Hill in Central Park; Battle Pass Hill in Prospect Park; or that MASSIVE hill on 141st Street at the Percy Sutton 5K, we’re probably high fiving you on an incline.

Hills are where the going gets tough – where the voices in your head telling you to stop this running nonsense get louder and louder. Uphill mid-race photos may never look as cool or victorious as finish line shots, but we’re not worried about that. What we really care about is delivering the encouragement that runners need to succeed during these tough stretches. We bring music (always) and signage (mostly) to these races. We serve up high fives and motivational phrases. And sometimes we even dress up.

Here’s some more photo evidence that we love hills:

A Bridge Runner at the Percy Sutton 5K – this hill was a doozy!

Molly Huddle and Betsy Saina climbing Harlem Hill at the Mini 10K

A Midnight Runner on St. Nicholas Terrace at the Swagged Out 5K.

The hills will continue…

You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be continuing this upward trend into the fall. The Staten Island Half has a notorious steep hill at around Mile 9. The Bronx 10 Mile has plenty of rolling hills. The Brooklyn Marathon has many Battle Pass hills. Every race in Central Park will continue to have the hills we know and love. And for the courses that are totally flat, well…we’ll find somewhere bring the cheers!

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