Enjoying My Midnight Run Props…Indoors

Welp. In a move that makes for a less than auspicious start to Cheer Everywhere in 2018, I decided not to cheer the 2018 Midnight Run. My New Year’s was spent indoors, in the comfort of my own home. Why? For the following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, it was 12°F in New York City that night, with a wind chill factor of -4°F. My ridiculously awesome girlfriend has been willing to follow me around on my cheer journeys under less than optimal conditions. This was not one of them. Because it is New Year’s Eve, the decision to spend time with her instead was an easy one.
  2. I helped coordinate a morning full of activities with The Rise NYC, a free fitness group in New York City. My day started at 6:30 AM in Washington Square Park. I live in Ditmas Park, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is 50 minutes to an hour by train from my planned cheer location in Central Park West. If the race starts at midnight and I’m cheering until 1, chances are I’m not getting home until 2:30 – 3 AM, depending on the trains. That would leave me about 2 hours to sleep. Not a good idea.
  3. The Blacklist is a great show and we were enjoying a nice binge. Sorry Midnight Run.

But – I still have the materials I was going to bring to the race.

What would have been…

First of all, anyone who knows me is familiar with (and likely irritated by) my love of puns. One of the main reason I wanted to cheer the Midnight Run was to hold up this sign:

Get it? I even underlined the word sign. Ha. Ha.

I’m not sure how well anyone would have been able to see this sign in the first place. I did purchase some glow sticks, but I probably should have developed a more sophisticated lighting system. As I was writing this, I did a Google search and discovered that poster lights are a thing – but alas.

Besides this sign, I had some neat accessories. Glasses and a party hat? Check.

A “jingle wand”, whatever that is? Check.

Glow bracelets? Check.

A New Year’s themed cowbell? Ringalingadingdong.

So were we to head out to Central Park – we would have totally been prepared! But eh, you can’t win (or cheer) them all.

The Comeback

I’m sure to end up in Central Park this month – there are at least three races happening there!

If I don’t sleep in this coming weekend, my next post will be a cheer report. Wish me luck!

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