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Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. I got the idea to create Cheer Everywhere after noticing that many websites are dedicated to running – but few to cheering! There are many race spectator guides out there on fitness/running blogs. But I wanted to create a website that focuses primarily on the experience of the spectator (who very well may also be a runner on other days!).

In particular, Cheer Everywhere is about bringing life to dead zones  spots along race courses with especially low crowd support. These lows can break many runners, especially after the highs brought by all the cheers during the early miles of a race. How can we turn those dead zones into cheer zones? With music, noisemakers, funny signs, and plenty of encouragement!

The Good Stuff

This website contains a cheer guide on what to bring to a dead zone and how to bring the cheers. There’s also a page dedicated to dead zones I (and eventually others) have encountered while cheering races; a running trivia page; a page about little old me; and a list of blog posts (which, as of today, only contains the one you’re reading!). You can contact me here if you have any suggestions or want to chat about anything cheering/fitness related.

Now that marathon season is over, there aren’t as many big races to cheer, and thus fewer cheer-related things to blog about! I will probably shift the focus to (1) past cheering experiences, or (2) short local (NYC) races put by NYRR and NYCRUNS. NYRR still holds plenty of 4-5 milers in Central Park this time of year, and NYCRUNS actually has a half marathon coming up! If I end up cheering any races by the organizations I will let you all know!

I will fill this site with more content as time goes on. For now I’m just happy to have it launched and ready to view! Thanks again for checking out Cheer Everywhere!

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