What is Cheer Everywhere?

Cheer Everywhere provides crowd support for endurance runners, primarily in the New York metropolitan area. We aren’t affiliated with any running clubs, teams, or organizations (though we love them all). Our goal is to cheer everywhere – for everyone!

Think of your your favorite race of all time. Maybe the course is flat as heck, and the weather is perfect, and the first six miles are full of funny signs and great music and the sound of many a cowbell. But then you make your way onto some long highway and the crowds start to thin out. You’re left relying on your own willpower to keep on moving.

Sure, you trained to do the darn race regardless of how many people are out there. But let’s face it – you could really use some high fives!

The goal of Cheer Everywhere is to bring those high fives to the spots where they’re most needed, along with some badass tunes and encouraging signage!

“I’d love to participate!” – You

Great! Then feel free to explore the rest of this site:

  • What To Bring – Just like runners have a checklist of essentials to bring on race day (energy gels, GPS watches, nipple tape…), so do us cheerers!
  • What To Do – Some tips for being the most effective cheerer you can be!
  • Photos – Check out the photos we’ve taken at the races we’ve attended!
  • Blog – Follow our cheering journey! Because the world needs another blog…
  • Get In Touch – Contact us about anything and everything fitness/cheer related!

P.S: The language of this website is geared towards distance running, but the philosophy can be applied to any endurance sport!

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